Transformed by Community

Mar 26, 2023    Erik Miller

Main Point: God’s design is for us to grow in a missional community.


What impacted you from the message this weekend? What challenged you or encouraged you? How did the message impact your understanding of spiritual growth?

What does it mean that Christians are a missional community? Have you experienced church that way? What are some of the barriers to living life together in community?

Read John 17:20-23. What is the context of these verses? Who is Jesus praying for? What is his prayer?

Why does Jesus stress the importance of unity in his prayer? How is Christian unity a witness to the world?

Read Acts 2:42-47. What do you notice about the community in these verses? What did they focus on when they gathered? Why were these elements central to Christian gatherings?

In addition to meeting for worship, how often did these Christians meet? What does this suggest about the importance of being together for a Christian community?

Read Hebrews 10:23-25. What words stick out to you in this passage? What are Christians commanded to do in these verses?

Why is Christian regular fellowship so important? What role does encouragement play in Christian gatherings? What do Christians miss by not doing life together?

What is one thing you can do this week to put into practice what you learned in this message?