John 6:1-71 || Sermon 11/05/23

Nov 5, 2023    Erik Miller

“Jesus already had in mind what He was going to do.”

Jesus sees the crowds, He knows what they are after, and because of His great love and mercy intentionally leads them beyond the temporal and into the eternal. The feeding of the 5,000 with a small boys lunch is only a small portion of the bigger picture John is walking us through. Just as we’ve seen in the previous passages, step by step, with actions and then with words, Jesus leads the people to see who He is – God in the flesh, the promised Messiah, here to do His Father’s will. As He speaks to the heart of things, many find His teachings to be too hard and walk away. 

It is true, Jesus teachings are hard, and we too face the choice to follow or turn away. Let us believe and confidently trust Him as who He really is – the Holy One of God, our Savior, our Lord. He alone has the words of eternal life. He is our only hope. He is worthy of our allegiance.