John 19:1-42 || Sunday Service 10:30am

May 12, 2024    Erik Miller

After Pilate’s attempts to satisfy the crowds by punishing Him, he presents Jesus to the crowd beaten, bloody, with a purple robe and crown of thorns. The crowd is not satisfied, and although Pilate has a sense of fear (vs.8) his fear of Rome is stronger as he hands Jesus over to be crucified. 

The manner and certainty of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection are essential components to the Christian faith. John’s motive for writing is so that we will believe and the details he includes in this chapter lead us there. Oh what a Savior!


“Many a crown has been secured by blood, and so is this, but it is his own blood; many a throne has been established by suffering, and so is this, but he himself bears the pain.” – Spurgeon


Prepare for this week’s message by reading John chapter 19.