Advent Week 1 | Sunday Sermon

Nov 26, 2023    Erik Miller

In our culture, we celebrate events and people that are important to us-birthdays, sporting events, holidays, etc. The Jewish feasts in the Bible were reminders of Who God Is and What He Had Done. Passover celebrated God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt, The Feast of Tabernacles celebrated God’s faithful provision during the desert wanderings. Hanukkah is a celebration of God’s miraculous provision to keep the temple Menorah lit for 8 days with only 1 days provision of oil. Christmas is our reminder of God’s loving and giving character– celebrating Jesus coming to earth as a baby to usher in God’s plan of salvation! Celebrating who God is and what He has done helps to tune and re-tune our hearts to who we are, whose we are, and what is truly important!

Join us this advent season as we learn what it means to have ourselves a “Merry Little Christmas” We'll begin our Advent Series this Sunday November, 26th, focusing on The Reason for the Season!