Week 1 Abraham

Jun 11, 2023    Erik Miller

Main Point: Growing faith requires trusting God when we don’t understand.


What impacted you from the message this weekend? What challenged you or encouraged you? What did you learn about God’s character through the study of Abraham’s life?

Read Genesis 12. What promise did God make to Abram? How old was Abram? What kind of faith would it take to do what Abram did?

Why did Abram lie to Pharoah about his relationship with Sarai? What does this show us about Abram?

Read Genesis 15. In this chapter, God made a covenant with Abram, and promised him a male heir. What do we read about faith in Genesis 15:6? Why is this significant? What is symbolic about the ceremony that takes place in this chapter? What does this reveal about the Covenant God makes with Abram?

Read Genesis 16. Abram and Sarai grew impatient and took matters into their own hands. What happened? What were the consequences of Abram having son with Hagar?

Read Genesis 18:1-15. God fulfilled his promise to Abram and sent messengers to let him know. What did the messengers say? How did Abram and Sarai respond?

Read Genesis 21:1-20. What happened when Isaac is born? How were Hagar and Ishmael treated? How did God respond to their situation?

Read Genesis 22:1-19. What did God command Abraham to do? Why do you think God asked Abraham to do this? Read the story carefully. How would you have felt?

What level of faith would it require for Abraham to do what God called him to do? What did Abraham think God was going to do? (See Hebrews 11:17-19.) How did God respond to Abraham’s faith? How did this incident change Abraham?

What is one thing you can do this week to put into practice what you learned in this message?