Contentment Part I

May 28, 2023    Jonathan Norton

Main Point: Contentment is active and rooted in trust and fulfillment in Christ


Define contentment in your life. How do you view it? Is it a joyful assessment of reality, a choice to ignore hard or difficult things, a “settling” with what you have, or something else?

What would you say has informed that understanding of contentment? (Family history, cultural standards, faith, etc.)

What comes to mind when Paul says rejoice in verse 4? Do you often rejoice? Why or why not?

What connection does Paul make between prayer and peace in verses 6-7? What elements of prayer does he present?

Do you practice those elements of prayer? Is your prayer life oriented more around your circumstances, yourself, your creator, or a mix?

What role do you think Paul’s call to action in verses 8-9 plays in contentment and rooting ourselves in Christ rather than “things” (circumstances, possessions, etc.)?

What is something lovely, praiseworthy, or excellent that God has given you this week?

What is one thing you can do this week to put into practice what you learned in this message? What part of how Paul defines contentment do you want to try this week?