Rwanda Trip 2024

Preparing to go!

We will be flying Turkish Air on one of their first flights out of Denver!
We are traveling with the purpose of assisting and supporting Arise Rwanda Ministries.  Arise has multiple programs in Boneza.  We anticipate serving and supporting primarily with their Pastoral Outreach and Education programs while also getting to see how their Healthcare, Clean Water and Economic Development programs are working.

Background on where we are serving:

Rwanda is a small country in East Africa. It received national attention in 1994 when the country erupted into a civil war. This conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes left close to a million people dead over the course of three months. This terrible genocide did untold damage to the people of Rwanda. Out of this tragedy came beautiful stories of forgiveness and reconciliation that are hard to fully understand. The country of Rwanda has taken great strides to heal and move forward after the genocide. Now it stands as a strong and beautiful country that has vowed to never allow this level of violence to happen again.

Our team will be working in the town of Boneza. This town of over 24,000 people is located in the western border of Rwanda right next to Lake Kivu. Boneza is one of the most disadvantaged places in Rwanda. Arise Rwanda works to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Boneza through education, clean water, and community development.

How we have been preparing:

We have been praying regularly and are meditating on Ephesians 4.
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Kevin Richter - June 17th, 2024 at 6:33pm

Praying for you as you prepare for departure!


nDue to the destination of the first flight, I offer this to Erik (et al, but especially to our "reference a song lyric" pastor),