Romans Week 14 - Frequent Disobedience of Israel and Consequences

Feb 14, 2024

Paul’s anguish over his brothers and sisters in Israel is palpable. They were given adoption as sons, divine glory, the covenants, the law, the temple worship and promises. The promise of Jesus was fulfilled through them. The consequences for their continual hardened hearts and disobedience is real and just, but so heartbreaking. Can’t we relate? Watching ones we love reject Jesus and go their own way is so very hard and brings grief to our heart. Pain and confusion often brings forth many questions about what has gone wrong, where does the blame lie, and who is responsible for the failure. These questions mine the depths of mystery of God, his Sovereignty, and our free will. 


Join us Wednesday as we read Paul’s words and seek to understand what can be understood. Prepare for this week’s teaching by reading Romans 9:1-29.