Romans Week 23 - Gospel Implications/Using Gifts

Mar 20, 2024    Erik Miller

We don’t serve a God to whom we must offer sacrifices in order to gain His mercy. He freely gives us His mercy – which in turn fuels our response of worship and sacrifice.   

In David Guzik’s commentary on Romans 12, he points out all the mercies of God Paul has explained to us thus far:

·  Justification from the guilt and penalty of sin.

·  Adoption in Jesus and identification with Christ.

·  Placed under grace, not law.

·  Giving the Holy Spirit to live within.

·  Promise of help in all affliction.

·  Assurance of a standing in God’s election.

·  Confidence of coming glory.

·  Confidence of no separation from the love of God.

·  Confidence in God’s continued faithfulness.

Therefore, Paul says, dedicate your whole self to God. In contrast to the superficial values and customs of this world, give yourself over to the values and customs of God’s kingdom. This is how we mature and are transformed into Christ’s likeness. This is what it means to truly live!

Prepare for this week's teaching by pondering the gospel implications and practical applications found in Romans 12:1-8