Romans Week 16 - Present Suffering and Future Glory

Jan 31, 2024    Erik Miller

There is so little we know and so much we can’t see especially in our struggles and suffering. Glory, hope, God at work, being conformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ – these are all promises given to us by our God who has always proved faithful. It is true that the glory that will be revealed in us has no comparison to what is right in front of us. It is also true that this is a hope that we cannot yet see and so we must patiently wait for it. In our waiting we join with creation in its groaning, but we do not groan alone. As God’s children, we have the promised Holy Spirit at work in us, interceding for us and sustaining us. 


Restore your hope with Paul’s words found in Romans 8:18-30 and join us on Wednesday as we study this passage further.